Needle Syringe Destroyer

SKU : NSD001

Needle Syringe Destroyer

Needle Syringe Destroyer it helps to destroy needles and syringes immediately after use and is developed by using progressive technologies and the best quality materials as per the international quality standards and  is available with all the specifications of the customers. Reuse of needles and syringes is a primary cause for many illnesses and diseases like HIV.

We proudly introduce in India the NSD buzzer raises an alarm apart from burning the needles which indicates the complete burning of needles. The Electric Needle Syringe Destroyers can also cut the disposable syringe nozzle easily.

NSD Buzzers are sturdy, economical, simple to operate, portable and it contains Steel Blade. It is appreciated by the clients for its quality and high performance. These NSD Buzzers are used in the hospitals, clinics, pathology labs, etc.

NSD Buzzer

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