DMF Cotton Coils


DMF Cotton Coils

Packing material in coil form with various linear weights is suitable for filling Head space in tablet bottles and containers. These coils are available with DMF number for regulated markets as per USFDA and CANADA HEALTH CARE guidelines.

This product is available in 6, 9, 12 & 16 grams/meter linear density for bottle size (opening) of 50cc (1-1/16"), 75cc (1-1/16"), 120cc (1-1/4") and 190cc (1-1/2") depending upon the bottle or container volume. It is available in packs of 7.5 kgs as standard shipment size and billing units is net weight in kgs.

These coils are available in Absorbent Cotton / Purified Cotton, Rayon coil & Polyester coil.

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