SKU : EM 01

Eye Massager

We provide optimum quality Eye Massager. Improve your vision and relieve eye strain with the Eye Massager. This product uses vibration frequency to gently massage to relax your eyes. The music player component is unified in the Eye Massager.

Eye Massager is mainly used for sinusitis complaints, migraines and tension headaches. This stress relieve massager helps in reducing stress, tension and fatigue. Our range provides total eye relaxation, blood circulation & oxygen level of each cell and improve metabolic activity. Biological magnetic technology, activates the cells in the eye and brain

Manufactured using high quality material, these eye massagers are in compliance with international quality standards. We can use it 3-5minutes every day, it can promote the blood circulation and relax eye muscles. It is good for brain health. This eye massage product is available to us as per the industry standards and are available to our clients at economical prices.

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