Surgical Sterile Gown

SKU : SG001

Surgical Gown-Sterile

Jaycot surgical gowns provide superior protection and comfort to your surgical team. Our sophisticated materials offer outstanding levels of protection whilst relieving uncomfortable heat retention. To assure the highest levels of protection to surgical teams and patients, the testing is undertaken for the full range of products to soothe the Medical Devices Directive.

An apron that we manufacture are made from non-absorbent material and is blood, water and chemical resistant. These are used by doctors, nurse and other healthcare staff. Surgical gowns are designed in a way to provide convenient movement during operationsĀ  and are available in various sizes & colors

The most complete range of surgical gowns available has multiple uses for all types of surgery. Our gowns come in a variety of sizes and offer an extensive choice of protection level. We offer these gowns to our customers as per their requirements.

Surgical Gowns

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