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Adult Diapers

Product code: AD200


  • Inner leak guards stop leakage, to minimize accidents.
  • Refastcming fromtal tape for multiple times of tape applications.
  • Specially designed channels spread liquid swiftly all over the pad, to keep surface dry.
  • The Super absorbent layer keeps it comfortable day in and out.
  • Pack of 10 pieces
    Size       M            L         XL 
    Waist     80-110 CMS  100-150 CMS    105-155 CMS
   31-43 INCH  39-59 INCH    42-61 INCH


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Diapers can be necessary for adults with various conditions, such  as incontinencemobility impairment, severe diarrhoea,etc. 

Hence, Diapers are designed for safe and comfortable use for the person.


· Wetness indicator
Soft noiseless waterproof back sheet with wetness indicator.

· Standing inner leak guards
Soft and fitted leakage guards help stop leakage to minimize accidents, thus you can use it far more safely.

· Refastening frontal type
It is good for multiple times of tape applications, easy to use.

· High speed channel
With specially designed linking channels, turning liquid spreads fast all over the pad to be absorbed speedily to make surface dry.

· Super absorbent layer
Made of high-quality imported wood pulp and polymer. Dry and comfortable during day and night.

· Dry surface for cleaner skin
Made of high-quality non-woven material which will speedily absorb liquid and avoid seepage, will also maintain dryness of your skin.


The following different sizes are available :-

  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)

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