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Adult Pant Diapers

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Specially designed pull diapers are in under – wear style for adults with various conditions, such  as incontinencemobility impairment, severe diarrhoea, etc. 

Hence, Diapers are designed for safe and comfortable use for the person.

Special Features :-

· Super-Fit band:
Prevents pull ups from slipping down

· Breathable Dry Surface:
Provides comfort and better skin care effectively inhibiting growth of bacteria in the pad

· Curved Leg Elastics:
Provides better fit and leakage prevention

· Soft Top Sheet: 
For better comfort and skin compatibility

· Super Absorbent Layer:
Keeps moisture away from the skin

· Reduces Ammonia and Urine Induced Odour:
Keeps bad odour away

· Anti-Bacterial:
Inhibits growth of harmful bacteria and prevents bad odour

· High Speed Channel:
Moisture spreads faster all over the pad to be absorbed quickly so that the surface remains dry


The following different sizes are available :-

1) Medium (M)

2) Large (L)

3) Extra Large (XL)

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